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Kanglai Is Spinning Off Furniture Division To Form An Independent Company Called Anji Meitang Furniture Co.,Ltd

2015- 9- 28 from:Admin

Dear Friends,

Anji Kanglai Furniture Co.,Ltd is spinning off furniture division to form a new independent company called Anji Meitang Furniture Co.,Ltd.

Anji Kanglai Furniture Co.,Ltd, formerly known as Anji Huachun Bamboo&wooden Products Co, Ltd (founded in 2000), used to be a company in bamboo products industry, with bamboo products as the sole business. The company had decided to expand business to furniture industry and changed its name to Anji Kanglai Furniture Co.,Ltd on 16/7/2012 to accommodate new furniture division.

Bamboo products and furniture are classified into completely different fields. We came across some challenge when both divisions were operated under the same corporate structure. That's why we started to consider spinning off furniture division to form an independent company.

The new company, Anji Meitang Furniture Co.,Ltd, was established on 21/8/2015. It will be fully capable to take over furniture business on Oct 8th. Bamboo business will stay  in the old company. The chart below reflects the company development history.

For customers, the following aspects remain the same

--The sales representative you have been in touch with. All employees in furniture division of the old company will be migrated to the new company. Customers will get all the support from the same representative as before.

--Website address, factory site address, eMail address, Tel&Fax number remain the same. We just make the furniture division an independent company. The products are manufactured by the same staff at the same site.

--Orders and deposits sent to old company are still valid. Those orders will be completed in the name of Anji Kanglai Furniture Co.,Ltd. Future orders will be processed in the name of new company.

Customers have 30 days (from Oct 8th to Nov 8th) as transitional period to sign new contracts or update our account info in your systerm. Cut-off date is Nov 8th, 2015. All orders occuring after 8/11/2015 have to be placed to our new company.

Should you have any doubts or questions, please contact your sales representative for support. Paper stamped statesments issued by both old and new companies are available if customers need them for confirmation. The statements will be mailed via UPS or STO Express.

For suppliers, please note

--In the coming month, our orders for raw materials will be issued by old company or new company, depending on which company receives foreign orders. We will mark this info on each order sheet. Please bill to corresponding company when preparing invoices.


Looking back on the past years, we are grateful to our customers and suppliers. It is your support that makes us maintain a triple-digit growth. We will make persistent efforts to work with partners around the world.                                          

                                                                                                                                       Best Regards,

                                                                                                                                       Anji Kanglai Furniture Co.,Ltd

                                                                                                                                       Anji Meitang Furniture Co.,Ltd





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